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Discover Cervia

Cervia is a famous destination in the Emilia-Romagna region located on one of the most beautiful spots overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Its 9 km coastline is known for its shallow seabed and fine, golden sand
Along the Cervia coastline, there are several beach villages famous for their tourist services.  
These are: Milano MarittimaPinarella and Tagliata.

Cervia is not only known for its beach villages and sea-front location; it is also referred to as the ‘town of salt’. The town’s past is deeply connected to the production of salt and the saltworks, which were already operational during the Roman empire, are an attraction still today and are a source of pride for Cervia.

Together with its beach villages, Cervia offers a wide range of tourist services. It is world-famous tourist destination and millions of tourists flock here every year. Precisely due to the large number of people who choose to spend their holiday here, Cervia offers one of the highest numbers of accommodation facilities in Italy; these include hotels and B&Bs. Im Cervia and its beach villages, you can find hotels, B&Bs and all kinds of holiday homes, ready to satisfy the needs of all kinds of tourists.

Discovering Cervia and its beach villages Milano MarittimaTagliata and Pinarella offers a unique opportunity because this area boasts a marvellous coastline, shallow seabeds, fine sand, but also historic and natural beauty which is within easy reach. This includes: the Saltworks Park, the Butterfly Park and the Natural Park.

Last but not least, Cervia and its beach towns are the perfect place to discover traditional Romagna cuisine. This area offers a unique gastronomic experience centred around the most famous Romagna dishes such as piadinapassatelli, tortelli, and fresh fish-baseddishes.

Cervia is a place to experience and explore… read more about the town, its hotels, B&Bs, restaurants and tourist attractions

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